Brian Urlacher
Kridner Family
Chuck Smith
Dianne Henderson
Patricia Riba, M.D.
Online Therapy Success Stories
"For 10 years I have had erratic back pain and I have tried multiple types of therapies including Physical Therapy, but to no avail. This web-based pain elimination system is truly remarkable, effective, and it provided immediate relief of my symptoms. When I do the therapy I feel better, which is great because it’s a self-administered program that now allows me to know what lever to pull to fix my pain."
Ryan J. Kerrigan, CEO
Alta Environmental
"I have been doing the exercises every day since we met. Wow! Already a substantial reduction in pain … and I am looking forward to doing the other routines … You have a fantastic website!"
Tom Ziglar , President & CEO
Ziglar Training Systems
"PTX Therapy technology is a tremendous asset to therapists and clinicians. It helps save time and money as well as providing a means in which the patient can get well and back to work faster. The therapy principles are very sound. I’ve used the system … very impressive!"
Glen A. Halvorson, M.D.
Concentra Health Services
Board-certified in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Electrodiagnostics
"The exercises are very subtle and easy to do. They give you great explanations, so it’s easy to figure out. After I do my series of exercises, each time I feel like I’ve had a 2-hour deep tissue massage. I was amazed at how such subtle changes can make such a huge difference in how you feel. I sit at a desk and type a lot so my shoulders are really tight and doing hip exercises somehow magically freed up my shoulders. It’s great!"
Tara Harper O’Connor
Kellogg Company
Senior Counsel – Employment & Labor
In a personal recommendation to Mayo Clinic’s Director of Health Services:
“I was most impressed with the fact that this Therapy group is solid in its physiology and basic science. Their business plan is well thought out.”
Clarion E. Johnson, M.D.
Global Medical Director
Exxon Mobil Corporation
“….it’s an online web enabled system utilizing postural therapy techniques. Speaking from experience, I have used this system for some nagging hip discomfort and have received significant relief….”
Paul Sullivan, R. Ph.
Pharmacist, Speaker, Author, Pharmaconutrition Scientist
Health Product Consultant to McKesson Robbins,
Zig Ziglar Co., Walgreens Drug Company
“…I completed 5 weeks of sessions online…I feel the therapy has helped my shoulder and neck quite a bit, and my back also... I have found the exercises to be worthwhile and helpful and it is the only thing that has really worked this past year on this most recent lower back problem…”
Geoff Knapp CEO / Founder
Cam Commerce Solutions
“PTX therapy products are effective, easy-to-use and are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to our company each year. Their products have resulted in a bottom line profit increase due to greater productivity and an estimated 300 day decrease in absenteeism, less worker’s comp claims, and higher employee retention. Its completely automated self-administered delivery is such that implementing the product did not require additional resources from our company.”
Steve Sanghi
President, CEO & Chairman
Microchip Technology
“I have had a recent experience that I believe could be of benefit to many, and a perfect fit for Nestle. …I began the online Postural Therapy program and to my amazement, I was pain free within 3-days, and continue to be. The pain in my neck was exhausting, distracting, and depressing. I believe this would be a wonderful addition to our current menu of healthcare options, at a very reasonable cost, especially if you consider what it could mean in terms of increasing workplace productivity, lowering workman's compensation claims, eliminating time lost from Dr. appointments, etc...”
Laurel Enloe
Regional Sales Director
Nestle, USA
"I tried your therapy for pain and stiffness in my lower back, because I know that I probably wouldn't go to a physical therapist until the pain was debilitating. The exercise programs I was given are easy to understand, and also easy to do. I definitely experience less pain now; plus, I've noticed increased flexibility."
Susan Kirsch
Microchip Technology
“Great Program!”
J. Kammeyer
Microchip Technology
“Thank you. I will continue to do the exercises and found them to work well. I will use the system again.”
Corinne Wiltsie
Microchip Technology
“I am a 43year old man and have had chronic lower back, hip and shoulder pain for 18 years. My doctors have sent me through all the conventional treatments. I've been thru rubber bands, pool exercises, traditional physical therapy, weights. None have given me immediate relief and only moderate long term relief. I was introduced to this postural therapy program and have been doing the exercises faithfully… I feel wonderful. My energy level is tremendous and better yet I’ve taken very little medicine. Thank you.”
T. Taylor
Amway Distributor
“I appreciate the accessible website and easy to follow exercises that have helped me through my pregnancy. I look forward to utilizing the system again in the future.”
D. Feltz
VTech Communications
"This therapy provided me with the recipe to rid my life of the constant aches and pains. I followed the daily exercises religiously and the improvements started immediately. Within 2 months, the aches has disappeared. My posture is balanced and my gait is normal. Many thanks!"
Steve Caldwell
Microchip Technology, Inc.
“I am writing to express my appreciation for the education and treatment you provided to me…. My back feels great and I believe the postural programs you have to offer can be a tremendous asset.”
Bill Moore, Ed.D
Performance Psychologist, Author, Speaker
Former Director of Golf Management,
University of Nevada Las Vegas, and
Director of Mental Training
University of Oklahoma Athletics Dept.
“The Postural Therapy program and team have been a perfect fit in helping promote health and well-being within our organization. I received numerous comments from employees about the benefits of the program. The service is extremely convenient and private. Personal experience: the therapy programs that I have performed alleviated my hip pain and allowed me to once again start running without pain.”
Laura Christiansen
VP Human Resources
VTech Communications Inc.
“I’m an advocate. I want to continue the program, and I would encourage you all to be open-minded, give it a try, and see if it doesn’t help you as well…?”
Ellen Curtis, RN
Kellogg Health Specialist,
Head Nurse
“My leg was hurting all the way down, from the back down to my toes… (The program) gave me some exercises to do. I’m doing those exercises and now I feel a lot better. I’m doing a lot better now! so . . . it works!”
Jane (Kellogg Employee)
“The interactive experience is fantastic!”
Mike (Kellogg Employee)
“The PTX Therapy program can wholly improve any athlete or non-athlete ... I have seen (experienced) this first hand … ”
Douglas S. Kalman MS, RD, FACN
Director, Nutrition &
Applied Clinical Research
Miami Research Associates
"PTX Therapy occupies a unique space in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation therapy. Utilizing on-line tools, PTX Therapy maximizes the time and talents of their professional staff to reach and service a large number of clients. This unique strategy positions PTX Therapy to be the low-cost leader in providing therapeutic solutions in the field of workers’ compensation treatments as well as non-work-related musculoskeletal conditions which benefit from physical therapy. PTX Therapy provides a mechanism for employers to leverage their health care dollars to achieve maximum impact in returning their workforce to optimum performance, regardless of the source of the musculoskeletal problem. It is my personal belief that if we are to preserve our healthcare system in the face of rising costs we must adopt procedures that provide the same or better care, more efficiently, and at a reduced cost. PTX Therapy is addressing this issue in the physical therapy arena."
Ronald W. Hart Ph.D.
Former Director of the FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research –
Distinguished Scientist in Residence
Former Chair of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services commissions and task forces
Former Chair of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Served as the Scientific Advisor to three Presidents of the United States
Written to the Global VP of Human Resources and Benefits of the Kellogg Company:

“Hello ------------,
I hope this message finds you well. …I would like to offer a few highlights of the benefit Microchip has received from this program. Based on employee testimonials, feedback, etc., the program has been effective in getting people well and pain-free in addition to the much-more-difficult-to-calculate “perceived benefit”.

As far as the program’s direct impact on our claims, we certainly believe in the cost savings. ...The beta runs with the online therapy technology showed an overwhelming success which led us to sign a license agreement for the services across our population. Being self-insured, we know musculoskeletal costs are exorbitant, and it is impossible to treat the masses with any type of traditional method. This program has the ability, and gives us the opportunity to reach the entire population, most of which are hurting.

…This program teaches people to take responsibility for their bodily dysfunction and improve it through a designed therapy program that includes musculoskeletal motion.

...On a personal note, I can tell you that Postural Therapy helped me avoid back surgery and allowed me to continue my career at Microchip. I had severe back pain. After trying X-rays, acupuncture, Chiropractors, massage and others, I was introduced to this Therapy program. I got healed so well that I picked up all of my hobbies of hiking, skiing etc that I had not been able to enjoy for some time. Other therapies simply do not measure up to the power these therapeutic exercises give people for healing and prevention, and this I know from experience – I tried everything else. I'm a disciple of this therapy program and do it regularly. I personally believe the education and therapy treatment is beneficial to any employee population, especially when considering the invasive, inconvenient, and expensive alternatives.”
Steve Sanghi
President, CEO and Chairman
Microchip Technology, Inc.
"I have suffered from back problems on and off for years. I always had a very stiff back. Any sudden actions would cause a back injury. Before the therapy, I was waking up with a slight back ache every day. After I started the exercises my back pain went away and I even went down the Grand Canyon with a back pack.”
Sridhar Hariharan
CAD engineer
Microchip Technology
Clinical Therapy Success Stories
“I had 6 surgeries because of a severe chronic knee condition and the only prognosis was to have a knee replacement. I could not walk up or down stairs without pulling myself by the handrail. Now, many years after I was told that I had to have an artificial knee due to the "bone on bone" arthritic condition, I am running stadium stairs, jumping, and can run an hour at a time with absolutely no pain. I never had the knee replacement.”
Harland Svare, #84
Former NY Giants LA Rams
Former NFL Head Coach
Hall of Fame Washington State University
“I just wanted you to know how much my quality of life has improved since I began my postural therapy program almost three years ago. The exercise programs allow me to stay virtually pain free…”
Lance D. Alworth “Bambi”
Former NFL Pro
Hall of Fame ‘78
“Hi, I suffered from increasing coccyx pain over a 4 year period to the point that I could no longer sit in any chair or seat without intense pain within minutes…… seriously, it was a pain in the butt – my butt. I couldn’t enjoy a movie, I couldn’t work or drive without squirming in my seat, I had to lie down in the back seat of the car when my husband drove us anywhere further than a 20 minutes distance. It sounds over the top but it is true. I felt such envy of people that I saw comfortably seated. If they only knew how lucky they were to be able to sit comfortably…….I would think. I searched for a pain free existence from every doctor I could think of. I had cortisone injections directly into my coccyx, pain pills prescribed, exercise routines, coccyx muscles massage, special cushions to sit on, etcetera, etcetera…. Nothing worked and I even considered surgical removal of my coccyx. I eventually succumbed to the fact that I would just have to live with this chronic pain and I did………..until I was introduced to PTX therapy. I heard about this Postural Therapy program repeatedly from a colleague of mine and it was highly recommended that I give it a shot. I thought … “What the heck – I’ve tried everything else so what do I have to lose except a bit of my time.” Well, it turned out that I had everything to WIN. After only 1 week of this incredible approach I was improving by leaps and bounds. I was astounded. Today…….I am happily sitting pain free….and I even perform consistent high-intensity strength workouts…..thanks to this incredible approach.”
Dianne Henderson
Fortune 1000 Executive Assistant
“Your therapy is amazing: I have just had a new series of MRI's and x-rays done. Both show a lot of improvement in my back injury; the ruptured disc material from L4-5 has been absorbed and the canal is back to 9mm in diameter… I feel much more energized and less in pain …. I hold my back straighter, shoulder blades lower, and my feet are less splayed … it is conceivable that I could run again…” Thanks, this is a God-send for me.”
Virginia Mann
Project Director, NSF-
Professor, Dept. of Cognitive Science University of California, Irvine

“I am pleased to report that our company wellness plan with your therapy has been a resounding success by any and all measures. …thank you for your dedicated service to CAC as you work tirelessly to touch the lives and improve the health of our most important resource…our people.”
Mark Affleck
President & CEO
California Avocado Commission
“You quickly determined that while my body dysfunctions were aggravated by my Parkinson’s they were caused by basic misalignments of my body. You suggested the best way to achieve proper alignment would be a series of exercises. I can’t say enough good things about this Postural Therapy program.”
Charles P. Biggar
IBM Vice President
Division President (retired)
“…..I had constant pain in my right knee, from years of abuse and the aftermath of ACL reconstruction surgery. My left ankle had some sort of soft tissue damage that defied diagnosis from the medical/chiropractic community (as the result of a recent ski injury); I also had frequent back pain. After working with the program a few short weeks, I feel young again. I am running, skiing, surfing, climbing, and bicycling again. More importantly, I am doing all this with little or no pain.”
David Edington
Founder, RimRock Trading LLP
“I can hardly believe that when I walked into this meeting, I was in pain and could barely open my mouth ... within 15 minutes of simple movement, I could open it more than I have been able to in months. You have made my year!!! I am so happy!!!”
(After Rose’s brief PTX session, she left to go cancel her scheduled $2,500 TMJ surgery)
Rose Maynes,
Power Detention Analyst
Swift Transportation
“After performing only 10 minutes of his prescribed session in front of eight people in the room, Swift’s director of Safety who had been suffering from chronic back pain, faced the group to reveal hip and torso and shoulder posture that were recognizably better to everyone in the room. He reported much less pain and hip tightness.”
PTX Representative
“My son Jesse is a collegiate ski racer who was having problems with dislocating his right shoulder. He was prepared to go in for his second surgery when you started to work with him. By diligently following the routines you gave him, he was able to avoid the second surgery and now has a stable shoulder.
Thank You!”
Jim Garretson
President / Founder
Flagstaff Athletic Clubs, Inc
“…I have struggled with chronic back pain for the past 20 years. I sought relief from various modalities-including physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, diet, surgery, medication, exercise, and massage therapy. None of these approaches provided more consistent benefits – both in terms of addressing the pain and targeting the underlying cause – than the postural therapy techniques you applied to my treatment. Through the therapy and lessons you taught me on the importance of proper alignment, I now have the ability to self-diagnose the underlying cause of a particular ailment and to select the appropriate exercise routine to best address the condition. What more can a patient or client ask for than personalized therapy, immediate and lasting pain relief, and sufficient understanding of the methods to allow for self-therapy? Thank you for the education!”
Peter M. Drittel
U.S. Investment Manager
“When I began my Postural Therapy the symptom was bad knees, but I learned that I had a pelvis that was out of position...The solution, change the position of the pelvis, and the pain goes away ... Bingo! In one session I went from one who could barely walk to doing deep knee bends and the pain was gone for the first time in years ... truely amazing!!! I don’t miss a day of doing this therapy, including when I travel, and I have subsequently recommended dozens of people (ages 17 to 81), all of whom have had a successful result in reduction of/or a total elimination of pain.”
Robert Wershay
Business Executive
Fort Worth Texas