About PTX Therapy

The Therapy PTX: Postural Therapy plus the X-Factor. What is the “X-Factor”? …things that without question separate this therapy from other treatment options for your muscle or joint pain. This list is what makes us unique.
Posture Focused
Whole Body Approach
Personalized Routines
Special Exercises of Stretching AND Strengthening
Scientific Sequencing
Hands-Free Assessment
Hands-Free Treatment
Proactive Prevention
Treating Cause Not Just Symptom
Online Expert Intelligence System
Superior Therapy
Empowering Results
Affordable For All
Available 24/7

It’s Simply A Different Line of Thinking,
That Puts Your Health Back In Your Hands

Basic Principles WE TREAT THE CAUSE, NOT JUST THE SYMPTOM! PTX Therapy is a therapeutic exercise approach that emphasizes restoring optimum postural function to the human body. This is accomplished by re-educating the body to operate as it is designed. The body heals when it is given an opportunity to do so, and PTX gives the body that opportunity by addressing the cause of pain, not merely the site of symptom. There are no drugs, modalities, or manipulations using this therapeutic technique. PTX is for self-administered muscle & joint pain elimination and it addresses the root problems of disorders by incorporating many physical therapy movement principles established in the early 1900’s. Unfortunately many of these principles have been lost in the current medical and therapy treatments seen in today’s healthcare approach. We’re bringing them back in a new and effective way! Clinicians trained in this unique method of evaluating and treating chronic pain are called “PTX Therapists”. They have an extensive background in the study, and clinical application, of anatomy, functional biomechanics, and human kinetics.
Application WE PROPERLY EVALUATE AND APPLY CORRECT MUSCLE WORK, IN AN EXACT SEQUENCE! Clients, whether in clinic or online, provide a history of their physical pain and condition and are given a postural deviation and muscular imbalance assessment by virtue of a series of questions. Gait evaluations are given for those seen in-clinic. Clients are then placed on a series of functional demand exercises that address their specific postural, muscular, and biomechanical dysfunctions. All exercises include both a stretch and strength component, and require no special equipment. Resistance is provided by the client’s own body weight and gravity. Sequencing is of utmost importance – “the science is in the sequence”. All exercises and protocol sequences are results-proven from the most up-to-date literature on physical therapy (specifically therapeutic exercise), biomechanical kinesiology, functional anatomy, exercise physiology, and the medically known structure and function of the neuro-musculoskeletal system.
Client’s Responsibility YOU SIMPLY PERFORM THE WORK, AND RETURN FOR MORE GOOD STUFF! The client is expected to perform their exercises on a daily basis. It is recommended that they return, online or in clinic, for a re-evaluation once a week. During each subsequent visit, the client will receive a new therapy routine based on their body’s progress and symptom report. Clients are seen, on average, for multiple sessions over a one-month period. When a client reaches satisfactory progress, they are put on a maintenance schedule.
People We Help PAIN IS AN EPIDEMIC – PEOPLE HURT, AND WE HELP EVERYONE THAT HURTS! PTX Therapy clients can range from age two to ninety plus years. Physical characteristics encompass professional and world-class athletes to those even born with ailments that might affect the functionality of the human body. This method addresses concerns dealing with orthopedic, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and neurological abnormalities. However, the majority of visits are concerns involving orthopedic problems.
The Company PTX Therapy™ is an interactive health-IT Company, providing education and consulting services via live and online instruction in the field of body mechanics and postural alignment. The Company, headquartered in Austin, Texas, brings with it decades of clinical as well as online experience in treating musculoskeletal pain and conditions. PTX is blessed to offer a very convenient, effective, and an “affordable-for-all” solution to muscle and joint pain. “We believe this service of helping people is quite simply what we are supposed to do!” The Company’s core product is an intelligence system that delivers personalized postural therapy exercise routines, replicating the face-to-face therapy process – it’s the world’s 1st and only online treatment of muscle and joint pain. Download the Scientific Synopsis of PTX Therapy PDF Patented Technology PTX technology - US Patent No. 8,715,176 - "Method for automated delivery of personalized physical therapy sessions to treat pain" - is the result of decades of one-on-one clinician-patient experiences, followed by years more of algorithm development, and testing in thousands of real-life pain situations. The system takes the best practices of results-proven therapy and digitizes it, with thousands of rules applied using extraordinarily dynamic and complex algorithms. The result PTX is far from a one-size-fits-all solution, delivering the most personalized and effective therapy in the world, whether online or in-clinic! All this has allowed PTX Therapy to provide the power of unparalleled service to individuals, corporations, and therapists worldwide. See Who We Serve Furthermore, PTX technology is part of a paradigm shift (or revolutionary science, i.e. a fundamental change in approach and assumptions in science). In this case, PTX is part of a change in the current healthcare approach. The paradigm shift is a result of the convergence of four powerful realities;
  1. Inescapable healthcare cost increases
  2. An aging population
  3. Ineffective and inconvenient treatments
  4. Advancement and acceptance of new technologies
Dr. Ronald Hart explains it this way, "PTX Therapy occupies a unique space in the field of physical and rehabilitation therapy. Utilizing on-line tools, PTX maximizes the time and talents of their professional staff to reach and service a large number of clients. It is my personal belief that if we are to preserve our healthcare system in the face of rising costs we must adopt procedures that provide the same or better care, more efficiently, and at a reduced cost. PTX addresses this issue in the physical therapy arena."
Ronald W. Hart Ph.D.

Served as a Scientific Advisor to three Presidents of the United States
Former Director of the FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research
Distinguished Scientist in Residence
Former Chair of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Former Chair of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy